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Find A Way - Environment Thumbnails & Details

environment - thumbnails
This is a final project for university I did with my friend Roxanne Chartrand . The purpose of this project was to create a series of illustrations and concepts for a fictional video game.
It portrays a universe mixing the thematic of both nature and technology, in which the two characters must explore.
This is my part . I choose to do a cold environment and a forest one

the character i did is here:


Annie doyon thumbnailscroquis

Thumbnails - sketches

Annie doyon polish forest

Thumbnails - sketches polish - Forest

Annie doyon polish winter

Thumbnails - sketches polish - Winter

Annie doyon enviro forest1color

color test - forest 1

Annie doyon enviro forest2color

color test - forest 2

Annie doyon enviro winter color

color test - winter 1

Annie doyon enviro winter 2color

color test - winter 2

Annie doyon buildings

buildings enemies

Annie doyon ruins

energy source

Annie doyon vegetation